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Do Not Disturb




Today most of us find we are on call for our work 24/7. Whether it’s by phone, text, or email, we’re constantly tethered to our office, our boss, and our colleagues. However, people around the world are pushing back – legally. It is possible to hang out the digital “Do not disturb” sign when you leave the office. It’s called the Right to Disconnect and it’s gaining traction around the world. 

Many countries have created legislation to ensure employees’ right to disconnect from work-related obligations outside of their regular working hours. That includes the right to ignore non-emergency calls and emails from employers, and a penalty for them if they even try. The goal is to promote work-life balance and protect employees’ well-being. 


The French government was the first to create such a law. It took effect on January 1, 2017, and obligated employers to stop intruding upon the personal and family lives of their employees. The law was in response to the use of technology that made it possible for workers to be online at all times. The French government perceived that situation as exploitation of the workforce, and created formal guidelines to stop it. 

Since then, numerous countries including Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, and Kenya have followed suit. In the US, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois have had discussions and proposed legislation, however, nothing has been passed to date. Currently, California is the only state where proposed Right to Disconnect legislation is being hotly debated. 

Work-Life Balance

The real issue at hand is work-life balance. Bosses and employees alike know that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is both difficult and essential. It is the foundation on which our overall well-being and quality of life is built. This balance allows us all to not only meet our work obligations but to also devote time and energy to the things we value such as family, friends, and personal hobbies. When this balance is achieved, employers and employees alike are happier and more productive. Regardless of your status in the workplace, we all need to be able to set healthy boundaries. 

9 to 5 No More

Whether you actually remember it or not, there was a time before cell phones existed. That meant that in order to receive a phone call you had to be in the vicinity of a phone. In order to make a phone call, you had to be near a phone in a building or find a phone booth. Then technology happened and everything changed. Now we can be found or reach out to others anytime, anywhere, easily. 

Communication today is perhaps too easy. According to a recent study by Skynova, 63.3% of employees believe that it should be illegal for employers to contact them outside of working hours. Yet 64.2% of employees always or usually answer when contacted by their employers outside of work hours. 

There are a couple of interesting points to make here. First of all, many people find themselves constantly checking their phones, feeling they need to be accessible around the clock. Second, most people believe that when a work communication is sent after hours, that means it’s important, if not urgent. Clearly, it’s something that can’t wait until the morning or next workday. And these beliefs lead to stress. 

 The Problems of Constant Connectivity

While constant connectivity might sound like a good thing, it’s not. It impacts both physical and mental health leading to burnout, exhaustion, and reduced productivity. Work-related stress can lead to fatigue, anxiety, and an increased risk of chronic disease.

A foundational principle of The 100 Year Lifestyle is to make time for play time. Without downtime, doing things you enjoy, away from the office you cannot manage stress effectively or give your body, mind, and spirit a chance to rest and rejuvenate. 

Want to start living your best 100 Year Lifestyle? Regardless of where you live, work with your employer (or employees) to create a Right to Disconnect policy that supports the health of all involved. And connect with a 100 Year Lifestyle Provider near you to keep your spine and nervous system working at 100% so you can enjoy your free time for a long time to come! 


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