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Just Go Ahead and Do It




Dorothy Pointer is living her life today pretty much the same way she always has. According to Dorothy, “If I feel like doing anything I just go ahead and do it.” Her age, 102, is just a number to Dorothy, not a reason or an excuse for…anything.

Active Lifestyle

Age is not a consideration when it comes to living her active, independent, and fun-filled life. Dorothy drives herself to church, to visit her grandchildren, to the store, library, and wherever else she needs to go each week.

Her family visits her once a week for a home cooked meal complete with one of her made from scratch pies. She writes in her diary every evening, does home workouts daily to keep up her strength, and loves taking care of her lawn with her walking mower and newly purchased weedwhacker.

Support System

While Dorothy lives alone, if she does need help, she calls on her next door neighbors of 36 years, extended family, for help.

The only thing that Dorothy has given up as of late was volunteering at a local long-term care home. She volunteered there “with the elderly people” until she was 98 and a stroke landed her in the hospital. She recuperated from that just fine and is now even more careful to stay active to keep her mind and body sharp.

Dorothy recently attended her 85th high school reunion. She was the only one from her class who was there, and the oldest one at the school-wide event. None of that mattered. She felt like going, and she went.

Clearly Dorothy has been living her 100 Year Lifestyle for 102 years and counting. She’s active, has a strong support system with friends and family of all ages, eats well, exercises, and keeps her mind active. And, she still has goals. Interested in what Dorothy wants to live to see happen? Keep reading.

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